Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I sat gratefully at our really long, make-shift table surrounded by the people I love most. Carter and I had arrived home from Florida at one in the morning; we were beat. We arrived to a houseful of sleeping family members, tired from traveling and holiday meal preparations. This year everyone came to us and they brought all of the food. All I was required to do was show up and provide ice water. Nice.

Once we were all FINALLY settled in our seats, we paused to offer a prayer upon our food and to give thanks for our many blessings. I took a moment to look all the way down the long table at the family members surrounding me and my heart was full of gratitude to them and also to those who weren't with us today. Our little family has been strengthened and supported by so many people this past year! 

You see, I believe in miracles, but I believe that some miracles occur through the hands of ordinary people. The kind hands of a stranger willing to donate to a fundraiser, the hands of little friends writing letters of encouragement to a boy who needs it, the incredibly skillful hands of a surgeon, the welcoming hands of family and friends, the healing hands of a gentle nurse or therapist, the folded hands of an entire community praying for one little boy. These are the hands of heaven on earth.

And now.... FIXATOR REMOVAL recapped:

Carter and our sweet lengthening friend, Emmaline, had their fixators removed on the same day. They shouted well wishes to each other as they were wheeled to the operating room!

Carter got to keep his fixator as a souvenir- lucky considering the questions we got from airport security as we tried to fly home with it!

Doesn't that look like a boy who is ready to conquer the world? Carter has two feet on the ground and a stable hip and knee for the first time in his life.


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Ty and Juju Brown said...

We are so inspired by Carters journey. Thanks for taking us along. What an awesome nephew we have! We love you all and admire all your strength so much!