Monday, September 20, 2010

What I've Been Up To:

1. On Sunday, I made treats to take to our friends and neighbors who'd been so kind and helpful during the whole ordeal (you know what I'm talking about). We delivered two plates of goodies before Caitlin plopped her hiney down on the remaining ones as they rode carefully in the back of my van. If there is one thing that girl isn't, it's graceful. So, if you should have gotten a treat and didn't....please know we thank you and love you enough not to give you rice crispy treats with bum imprints.

2. Although I'd made a deal with myself not to eat any of the aforementioned treats, what was I supposed to do with the squished ones? Of course they were inappropriate for gifting, but after I yanked the saran wrap out of the frosting, they tasted just fine. Darn it.

3. Talked to my brother, Jared, who is in Kuwait on Skype. It reminded me of how we used to Skype our dog, Jack, while we were in Florida. Not that Jared and Jack are in any way similar...

4. Talked to my Dad about the plans for my other brother, Jacob, coming home from Afghanistan. Yeah, we're a pretty excited family.

5. Got an email from a mom of a PALLI patient. They were our good friends this summer and, believe it or not, they are STILL in WPB. This mom and her son have been away from home for four full months (not like us cheaters who left a few weeks early) and it pulled at my heart strings to know- really KNOW-what they are going through each and every day. I hope they get to go home soon.

6. Had to summon the courage to call the new P.T. and tell him that we wouldn't be coming any more. We are concerned over the exercises he is having Carter perform. It was hard to question his judgement, being the professional and all, but I'm the mom and this has been waaaaay too long and hard of a process to have someone mess things up now. Needless to say, I need to find a new P.T.

7. Called our P.T. back in WPB at the Paley Institute and told him of our troubles and that we missed the comfort of being taken care of by the good folks there.

8. In sad news, I had a really big blog mishap. For a year now I've had Carter's blog and a family blog, but I recently imported the two together to make my life easier. Well, I deleted our old family blog only to realize that the pictures had not imported into the new one. So, now I have to go back, figure our what pictures go where and add them all in. That should only take like a million hours.

And that's my exciting you can't wait for tomorrow's post ;)

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