Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cleaning and Glee(ing)

I've been cleaning like a mad woman lately. The kind of cleaning where your kids follow you around with tear streaked faces begging to see what's in the big ole garbage sack you're carrying from room to room.  That's my excuse for being a poor blogger. It has nothing to do with the fact that I've rented the last nine episodes of Glee... And I have such fond memories of being a "Gleek" myself, although show choir wasn't called "Glee Club" and none of us could sing quite that well or dance like that or pull off those Lady Gaga outfits and I DID NOT have a crush on my choir teacher, but I would have if he'd look like Mr. Shu and I would have been a goner if he'd sung or danced like him and this may be the longest run-on sentence I've ever written. So, back to cleaning.

If you have perfect children and a perfect house, I'm going to have to request that you stop reading NOW! But if you have a child who is messier than a pack of wild hogs, you can continue on. My Caitlin is so endearing and she has many lovely qualities, her cleanliness, however, is not one of them. Oh, and the fact that she tells her brothers to, "Shut your freakin' pie hole!" Yeah, that's another one of her nasty little habits. But let's just focus on the messy room. I'm not sure how to motivate her to keep her room tidy. If anyone out there has a trick that has worked better than all the treats I've offered... please share!

Here's a picture of her room so that you can feel better about your own children's rooms
 (I'm nice that way)

And since I've been cleaning like a mad woman
I came across my high school scrap book

And Now

Mountain View High School Chamber Choir 1994

Told you I was a Gleek

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Cristina said...

I feel your pain with the messy rooms! We deep-cleaned Natalie's room over the summer and she has actually kept it pretty clean so far. Only problem is that she gifted most of her "baby" toys to Makenna, so now we need to clean out her room!!