Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can I Tell You About This Girl?


Me: Time for homework.

Caitlin: Oh, the computer in our classroom is broken so we didn't get homework today.

Me: Huh, guess they had to print out a worksheet or something, okay, DAY OFF!

Caitlin: BIG Smile!


Me: Time for homework.

Caitlin: Today the copy machine was broken, so we didn't get homework again.

Me: Really? I'm just going to call Tyler's mom and see what's going on.

Caitlin: Actually, the copy machine was working for some of the kids, so they got homework, but I didn't.

Me: Oh, okay, well I'm just going to give your teacher a call and let her know that they need to get things worked out at the school if everything is breaking down, I mean where are my tax dollars going...

Caitlin: Fine, it's under the couch.

Me: (Trying unsuccessfully not to laugh) Caitlin, that is very B A D - spelling out the letters

Caitlin: Tricky?

Me: That's why you need to do homework, my girl


Prilla said...

Ha Ha

The Kent Family said...

Laughing my head off! I love you Caitlin!

Gracie said...

That sounds like something Gracie would do!!