Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was is a crappy day (it's not over yet, I guess). Probably a day when I should take a break from blogging so as not to have a record of the crappiness. But, here I sit, typing away for everyone to read and also for a permanent record. I do have one good thing to write about, and, believe me it's a very good thing, and without it, I'd be in the loony bin today. Jason made it home from Florida last night! I am complete with him by my side. And he is really nice to me even though this is a crappy day and I'm acting crabby. What can I say, he loves me no matter what. Nice huh?

Carter had a good day yesterday, I thought. Amazingly, all of my children attended school all day, no drama to speak of. I love a day without drama! But today, oh today, Carter is having a hard time to put it lightly. I could go on and on about his frustrations with recess and wheelchair confinement and being confused in math and lost during reading because he missed the first half of the novel, but I won't (not really). I'll just say that Carter's challenges are not easy and he is a strong boy who shoulders the burdens well. But, come on, we all have crappy days.

You should see my house. Wow-eee, can you say BOMB? I've got boxes and clothes and books and toys and scuba gear and boogie boards and beach towels and all kinds of stuff to put away. I should get off the computer and do that now, but, I'm sick. My nose is stuffy and I just want to take a nap. But, I did exercise. This morning I got my workout clothes on and I was all excited to try out a new class right here in Salem. Then, Carter was grumpy and Colby called from school because he'd left his lunch on the bus and Caitlin needed to be dropped off...so, in frustration, I declared that I wasn't even going to go (it was dramatic and all). Jason handed me the keys and said, "Just go." I told you you loves me.

I'm headed off to go make the most of what's left of my day. Maybe spend some time with Carter, help the kids with homework, make dinner, hang out with Jason, and, perhaps, it won't end up being a totally crappy day.

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Ty and Juju Brown said...

I'm glad your all home now. I hope things get easier. Recovering from a trip takes almost as long as the trip did. Can't wait to see you all.