Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stay the Course

We met with Paley today for our biweekly visit. You can see Carter's amazing progress in the x-rays above. The first one was taken just after surgery, the bone is barely broken. The second one is from today, the area that is a lighter color is new bone. Can you believe all of that new bone growth? It's 62 mm to be exact (but who's counting). We are proud, proud, proud of our strong boy. The last few days his pain has been nearly unbearable, especially at night. For Carter, it's unusual for him to be in this much pain. So, after meeting with Paley and looking at the x-ray, we've decided to slow down his daily turns on the external fixator. You can see in the second x-ray how the bottom part of the frame is bending. Dr. Paley explained that his pain, along with the bending of the frame are warning signs that it's time to slow down. This was not what we had hoped to hear...slower means more time away from home. But, we trust his judgement and don't want to risk any complications due to haste. We've come so far and it only makes since to stay the course and continue our journey as long as we can.

It is hard to explain home much we miss being home. Carter is feeling sad that school is starting without him. He is such a social kiddo and he really wants to be with his friends. I'm heartbroken that Caitlin will start another year of school without her momma there to send her off. I'm also missing Colby so much and wishing I was there for him as he moves into a new stage of life. And even though I know I am where I need to be, my heart is torn between two places!

Hopefully, as we slow down the daily turns, it will ease the stress on Carter's little body and he will have some relief from the pain. I marvel at his strength everyday and wonder how I was lucky enough to be his mom.

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