Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Line

Yesterday we had an x-ray and met with Dr. Paley. Carter has gained 47 mm of length! Yes, I could just say almost 2 inches, but using double digits provides a number that is more in accord with the amount of effort exerted, if that makes sense. We started a new med to address the three major concerns as of late: pain, appetite, and sleep. I must admit, prior to the appointment I was convinced that something had gone amiss with the whole process due to Carter's sorrowful disposition. As we all know, Carter and sorrowful just don't belong in the same sentence! Because we can't actually "see" what's going on in there, the appointments with Paley and the x-ray images feel like a life line. The reassurance that all is well is just what we needed to keep going (well, that and the new medication). And last night Carter enjoyed a blissful slumber, which is always an accurate gage of progress, don't you agree?

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MaloneDad said...

It is good to hear the good news. Either way, 2 inches or 47 mm, both sound impressive and it shows progress! While most of us are not having to deal with the day-to-day struggles, it is good to see the whole process is working. All of us miss you but we know this is the right thing for Carter! By the way, Colby is fine here in Price.