Saturday, July 3, 2010

WARNING! This material may not be suitable for all viewers..

Hadn't planned on posting more pin care pics. However, Carter has started participating and we got some good shots tonight (and really, what else besides the ocean and pin care do I really have to post about :)

Caitlin likes to be involved. If you've met her, you already knew that. Colby on the other hand is always noticeably absent during pin care. Poor boy has a weak stomach like his Grandpa Malone. Caitlin likes to give Carter instruction and basically be bossy. If you've met her, you already knew that. "Carter, you're missing some "gunk" (as we've named it) on the middle pin.."

Carter has banned me from doing anything but assisting. A common phrase I hear from him, "Get me the tweezers, STAT!" He thinks he's funny, so do I. (I need that zit on my head to be gone...STAT!)

One of the pin sites started bleeding. Poor me, I have a weak stomach like my Dad. If only I had inherited my Mother's tolerance for bodily fluids!

Isn't he just the cutest?

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