Monday, July 5, 2010

She Did It Again!

Last summer Caitlin lost her first tooth in Florida. It just happened to be our first visit to the Sunshine State. My mature, responsible sister, Joy was traveling with us to help with the kids. One night, when they were meant to be sleeping, all the kids and Joy were horsing around. Caitlin attempted to bite Joy on the hiney (don't ask) and that's how she lost her first tooth! During the past year she only lost one other tooth, but, now that we are back she's lost THREE more teeth! Poor thing can't eat a blasted thing..

P.S. She has officially decided that she wants to be called Catie! Apparently, I don't have any say in the matter. She is one strong willed, independent thinking little girl and I quite adore her (when she isn't driving me completely mad).

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Vickie said...

Oh Caitlin or Catie if you prefer. I love your smile. And Carter I am so proud of all the hard work you are doing. Colby you keep being the protective brother that you are. And as for you mom. Hang in there. You are doing great. Love From Salem, Vickie Walker