Saturday, June 12, 2010

The People You Meet!

There are no accidents, of this I am sure. We have been fortunate over the last few days to get to know the Klass Family from Georgia, here in Florida for a week of relaxation and fun in the sun. Caitlin, our social butterfly, initiated the interaction by adopting their youngest daughter as her new best friend. As we started to talk and enjoy shared company, we found an instant connection. As physicians, they are familiar with the struggles we are facing with our insurance company and they lent a compassionate ear and encouragement to keep up the fight. They even kindly offered to drive Jason to the airport this morning at 4:30 so that the children wouldn't have to be awoken (or is it awaken??). My heart is warmed as I am reminded of the kind and generous people in the world! We feel fortunate for a new friendship forged and look forward with anticipation to our continued kinship (as our kiddos are begging for a trip to Georgia, now). It is so easy to go about our daily activities, busy and unaware of the good that we could bring to others. If nothing else, through our trials of recent, we have learned the importance of service and kindness through the example of those around us.

Carter continues to get stronger each and every day. He isn't fond of P.T. and has dubbed it "Pain and Torture"! But, as you can see, the hard work is paying off.

Let me wrap this up with another quick story. Carter and I had to run to the store to refill his prescriptions today. As he was wheeling himself around the store, a young guy, probably early twenties came up to him. He told Carter that he also had to have surgery and wear an external fixator (with the same doctor no less, see no accidents), he even pulled up his pants and showed us his scars. He shook Carter's hand and told him that he had better days ahead and to stay strong. Again, I was filled with appreciation and gratitude to a complete stranger who was aware and willing to touch the life of another. Life is good, as are so many people!


Ty and Juju Brown said...

This is great to see him swimming. We are amazed at your journey down there. So many miracles. You are right there are no accidents. We sure love and miss you guys.

Kassie Jane said...

seriously I'm crying as I read this. There are no accidents and I'm amazing by the power that people have to influence our lives. Love you all!

Amy said...

Great story! I agree, no accidents.