Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life Is Good!

I haven't felt much like blogging lately, I admit. I try really hard to keep the posts up-beat and frankly I just haven't been feeling that "up-beat" the past few days. Maybe it was Jason's departure back to Utah and the realization that I was on my own. Maybe it was my car breaking down (the day after Jason left) at the store, leaving me and the kids stranded in a foreign land (okay, that's a bit dramatic). Maybe it was the blankety-blank insurance company that will only pay for P.T. through the end of June which means we're going to have to cough up a little pocket change, like fifteen thousand dollars, that's all. Oh wait, maybe it was ALL of those things, yep, I think that's what sent me over the edge! So, I needed some time and some encouragement from family and friends to see me through a rough patch and I think I'm over the hurdle.

I've included some pictures of our morning ocean swim (prescribed by Carter's doctor, no less) with Colby engaging in his new found love of kayaking. The folks we live around have been so kind to us; lending a kayak, games, books, movies, and taking a genuine interest in our comfort. We couldn't ask to be in a better place! We are all gaining confidence in the water, no easy task for Utahns who look forward to "Shark Week" every year like it's the lottery! Colby has started snorkeling around the coral reef and I put on my bravest face and headed out with him earlier this week. Holy cow, can you say WIMP?? I was scared to death! I saw this humongo fish and turned to Colby and through my snorkel said, "I think that's a barracuda!" He had me come to the surface and explained it was actually a Parrot fish, who apparently eats corral and poops sand. I felt much better.

Carter is making such good progress! It is not with out pain, but he is staying strong. Today as we were leaving P.T. a mom, with a six year old son, told us what an inspiration Carter was to her little boy. He has the same condition as Carter and he looks up to our strong boy, he has started walking with his walker and swimming in the ocean because of Carter's example. Carter is such a good kid, he really is. He is know by all the therapist as the kid with a great attitude and they all love working with him because of it. When we get in the car, after therapy, I look in the mirror and catch a few tears escaping those blue eyes and it tugs at my heart.

Through this experience I am better understanding the strengths that each of my children have been blessed with to help them through trying times. I'm also gaining a clearer picture of my own strengths and I'm beginning to understand that life can be good, even when it's hard as hell!


Our little family said...

Carter really is an inspiration! What a strong kid he is.

You're not a wimp. When we were in Australia, Rusty heard of this place on a beach that was good for snorkeling, and so he wanted to go. So we get there, and he wants me to get in, because it was really cool. I got in, but I couldn't let go of the rocks (it was a little rocky inlet), and I had a panic attack, because I was afraid of what was going to come out of the rocks and eat me, or that I was going to get swept out to sea! We went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, and the only reason I could do it is because the area we snorkeled in was roped off with buoys so you couldn't go beyond the buoys, and they let you use a pool noodle for flotation if you wanted. I'm such a wimp!

And you're definitely not a wimp because you're taking your son to therapy every day and you're fighting for him to get the best care he can, and you moved to a foreign land for him! :) That's a strong mom.

Prilla said... are amazing! And so is Carter! You are such a great team. He is lucky to have such a great mom! Just remember to take it one day at a time and it won't seem as overwhelming!

Kassie Jane said...

Jamie . . . I think you should be a writer. The way that you express yourself is so captivating that I can feel some of your emotion coming through the words. I gain so much by reading your blog posts, and I'm puting your quote on my wall. "life can be good, even when it's hard as hell!"

Amy said...

Jamie, maybe you should write a book. That would be one way to raise funds! Or write an article for Parents magazine or something.

We miss you guys. When/how can we see you again?

B&L Belnap said...

I'm proud to call you my sister. Keep up the good work, you're an awesome mom!