Monday, June 21, 2010

Lousy Tooth Fairy..Good Doctor's Appointment

Lot's of BIG NEWS to share! First, Caitlin lost her other front tooth much to the dismay of an ill prepared Tooth Fairy. Thus, she awoke to a note rather than a money:

Dear Caitlin,

It's has been a busy day! I ran out of money because so many children lost teeth... Tell your mom that I put $5 in her bank account. You can go to the store and spend it!

All My Love, The Tooth Fairy

I awoke to Caitlin leaning over me asking, "What's a bank account?"

Well, Carter had a visit with Dr. Paley today and everything is going perfectly. No complications to report.. hip, hip, hooray! I had a conversation with the insurance that I thought you might like to hear:

Insurance Lady: Good news. We have approved your appeal for physical therapy. Carter will be covered for an additional 20 P.T. visits.

Me: Oh, Thank You! I really appreciate everything you've done for us, now can I start an appeal for 40 more visits?

Carter's x-ray showing the 6 pins going into his femur. Near the bottom set of pins, you can see where his femur is broken and some of the new bone growth. He also has 3 pins in his Tibia, you can see one of those pins near the bottom of the x-ray.

We wrapped up the day by eating dinner (on the balcony overlooking the ocean) with one of our kindly neighbors who'd invited us over. The food was terrific and the view was To. Die. For.
I called Jason to let him know that I'd like my own ocean front condo on the ninth floor. He said okay.

Should I tell my boys that they aren't really that cool?


Amy said...

Your tooth fairy solution: ingenious! I completely forgot one time. I had to pull a story out of my you know where. Not good.

I'm so glad you guys have such a great place to stay.

B&L Belnap said...

Don't tell them they're not cool. They are! They should think they are anyway.