Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giving Thanks for No Cavities and No Drama

Today I am thankful that my children don't have any cavities! They had six month check-ups and NOBODY needs a filling. Ya-hoo!!! I dang near did a jig right there in the office because this is not common place for us. Guess my "mean mom who makes me brush for two minutes" routine is working!

I have to tell you about our dentist, Dr. Hansen. He is so kind and patient with my children, especially Colby who despises going to the dentist. Let me give an example or two. Not long ago I took Colby for a cleaning, just a cleaning, but he freaked out and went running out of the place leaving Dr. Hansen waiting. I ran after him and after much coxing, I convinced him to return. Now, this was not a quick process, but Dr. Hansen was patient and complemented Colby on coming back. Of course, Colby had a list (and it wasn't short) of things he would and would not tolerate from Mr. Dentist. That's right, he told Dr. Hansen what to do, and being the good doctor that he is, he kindly obliged. Not only that, he continues to remembers Colby's instructions and has followed them to the "t" on subsequent visits.

Then there was the time that Colby needed a filling. I was actually able to get him to the office and in the chair. He even tolerated the numbing shots, but when Dr. Hansen pulled out the drill, he took off. Seriously, everyone knows the worst part is the shot! But, there was no convincing Colby, he refused to let Dr. Hansen fill the cavity. Colby may be the only person in the history of dentistry to leave the office with a numb mouth and no filling.

Fast forward to this month. All of my children had their bi-annual check-ups and everyone did very well and, as I said, no fillings! Colby actually had one itty bitty cavity, but he should be losing the tooth here shortly so Dr. Hansen decided not to fix it (wonder why). Colby has been telling everyone, "I had one small cavity, but there is a very small probability of it causing me any problems before I loose it..." Funny boy.

So that's what I'm thankful for. No fillings. No Drama. Money saved.

Caitlin is going through a little phase called "do the opposite of whatever my mom asks me to do" it's fun.

You can find Dr. Hansen at Woodland Dental in Salem.


Cristina said...

Wow! That is something to be thankful for!! I don't think we have ever gotten out of the dentist without someone having a cavity. I wouldn't blame you for doing a jig!

The Kent Family said...

Good Job! And it was a visit right after Halloween, I'm impressed. Did your mom let you have candy?

Jamie said...

The mom said, "No, they didn't eat much candy because I hid it and they forgot about it. Unfortunately I did not!"

Jenny said...

I have that problem with the dentist too. I am too afraid to run, but I just gag so much that they are afraid of the puke coming up my throat.

Ty and Juju Brown said...

That is truly a wonderful accomplishment! I can't wait for that day myself!