Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh, What Do You Do?

Oh, what do you do for Fall Break when you have a kid with Swine Flu?

Sung to the tune of: Oh, What Do You Do in the Summer Time

Do you decorate your body?

Or play truth or dare? (with your aunt who should know better)

Do you perfect social networking?

Do you watch T.V. til your brain turns to mush, or stay in your robe all day?

Or eat waaaay to much Halloween candy?

Do you get paid to drink lemon juice? (again with said aunt)

Do you start to bear weight?!?

Or remove Black Widows from the window wells?

Do you clean your windows and screens?

Do you bring out your sweaters?

Or put away your summer clothes?

Do you un-decorate your body?

Is that what you do? So do we!


The Kent Family said...

That was suppose to be lemon!

The Kent Family said...

First of all I thought you guys were sick? Ooh the dreaded swine flu!
Next, didn't dad tell you the story about the parents that took pictures of their kids in the bath tub?
Now to Jessica, Lemmon juice can really ruin you teeth. I think Jamie has enough trouble with her kids and the dentist. Shame Shame!
Finally about the videos. Did you post those on YouTube? If you did it surely must be the work of Jessica!
Oh ya I forgot to comment about Jamie in the bathrobe.... wait I was taught that if I have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Jamie said...

First of all, we are all on Tamiflu, so Caitlin was the only one who ended up with the dreaded flu. But, I thought we should all stay inside, as to not infect others. Wait, aren't you the one who WOULDN'T come visit me??? By the way, Jessica's work wouldn't let her come back until Monday, so she's been worse than my kids!
As for the videos, nope, not Jessica. Just call me your computer savvy sista!
Admit it, I look good in my robe, especially with the slicked back hair!

Jamie said...

Oh, wait, stay home, not inside. I guess we didn't do that! I really tried to actually keep them IN the house for like an hour, but too hard!
We didn't go to anyone's house. Nice of us, huh!

The Kent Family said...

I didn't think posting those on youtube was savvy. Just kinda weird, but if you admit to that, well what can I say!

Jamie said...

I had to post them on youtube in order to get them on my blog b/c the file was too big... see. savvy

MaloneDad said...

First - with so many blogging I have a hard time keeping up with all the latest blogs. Seems I am busy with work and raising the last two kids at home.

Second - I thought I had seen the last of the "Jackass" type videos when Jake left home. but I guess Jessica is picking up the slack with him gone. Not sure who started this type of amusement started in the family?!?! Jess - try giving them the unsweetened chocolate!

Third - I just love being a grandparent watching (from a distance) my children raising their own kids. It is fun watching those who gave me so many grey hairs receiving "payback" from the grandkids. More amazing is the fact it just happens without much instruction from me to the grandkids.

Fourth - way to go Carter. Keep up the good work. Caitlin - keep getting better. Colby - I think Jake sent the pictures for the airshow back with your Aunt Caitlin. if so I will bring them on Thursday.

Fifth - Love you.

Amy said...

Okay. Jamie. You know what I realized when you were shaking your finger? We ALL have those long skinny fingers. Do you have long toes, too? Gary says I can play mercy with my feet. Did you want to know that?

Things different from Utah/FL. We don't wear robes...they're too hot here. No putting your summer clothes away. Ever. I have about five sweaters I keep at the top of my closet. Obviously, no window wells here!

Hope you guys feel better soon. Laura is home and driving me crazy. No flu though, she has hand/foot/mouth.