Friday, September 25, 2009

Yucky Meatloaf, Hairy Armpits & Anxiety

Thursday Slow Cookin'

Meatloaf + Crock Pot= YUCKY
Answer= Banana Splits for Dinner!
TRUE! Carter told the Physical Therapist that his Mom has hairy armpits

I don't even know how the topic began, but Carter's P.T. was teasing him about not having chest hair- a claim that Carter completely disagrees with. He even showed me his peach fuzz when we got home- to prove it! From chest hair it was all down thing I know Carter is saying, "Well, my Mom has hairy armpits!"

I didn't say anything.

Once in the car, I exclaim, "I soooo do not have hairy armpits!" "Mom, I've seen when you don't shave, it's hairy."

"Na-ah," I say (probably in denial). My quick whited son's reply, "Oh, right, I probably got your armpit confused with your head."

The End.

Colby's Anxiety

I hear Colby saying, "Oh, no I don't have time, don't have time, don't have time!"
He is pacing, I realize this can't be good.
"Colby, what's the matter?"
"I don't have enough time, ah, my base isn't going to be ready. Maggie and Addie will be here in 4 hours and 16 minutes and my room isn't going to be ready!"
I tell him that Maggie and Addie won't mind- they are only 3 and 1.
"No," he replies, "My room has to look it's best. It takes me at least 4-5 hours to
set up my base, ah, ah, ah (hyperventilating)."
I interject, "By the way, did you brush your teeth when you got out of the shower?"
"Not yet! And that is not common for me to be honest about my teeth, but I want
to look my best, too!"


The Kent Family said...

I could have told my about the meatloaf. Caleb and I tried it once and it was terrible. I used the left over meat in a casserole, and it wasn't too bad.
We owe you guys a HUGE THANKYOU for letting Maggie and Adeline come over and stay. They loved every minute. Well I guess Adeline didn't like it in the middle of the night, but still they loved seeing you guys. Caleb and I really had a good time, and we appreciate knowing the girls are in good hands while we're gone. Tell Colby, Carter, and Caitlin we said thanks. They are good cousins that always let the girls come over and take over their house. Thanks again, we owe you one, or two, or three!

Amy said...

That is the cutest post about Colby. I totally can identify with mega anxiety. Poor baby. I swear that could be me pacing the halls before someone comes over!! I don't have house...