Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homework & Patience- Is that possible?

Oh, Blasted HOMEWORK!

I hate homework!!!!
Carter is in fourth grade this year and the required amount of HW has skyrocketed. Not that I think it's too much, I know he is getting older, but sometimes I just want someone to shoot me!

Me: Okay if the Bruins had 183 goals this year and 150 goals last year, how many did they have in both years.
Carter: Writes the numbers on his scratch paper and says, "I think you subtract."
Me: Trying to keep my composure even though this is like the millionth time we've done a problem like this, "Why would you subtract?"
Carter: "Oh, add."
Me: "You can't just say add because I rolled my eyes, stiffened my posture, deepened my tone, and started chopping my gum, you have to tell me why."
Carter: "I don't know, just let me add the problem!"
Me: I try to show him what happens if subtracted (33) "Would it be possible for the total number or goals to be 33 if they got 183 this year, not to mention the previous year."
Carter: "Probably in one game."
Me: "Are you kidding me, Carter it's not possible, my head is going to explode if you don't start paying attention."
Carter: "Just let me add the problem."
Me: "Fine"

I think my reaction is understandable, this is really my first time doing "big kid" homework with one of my children. I've never helped Colby with homework, heck he helps me when I get stumped cooking. Don't laugh. Measurement conversions are hard. How many cups are in a liter, does anyone really know that off the top of their head (except Colby). I've drifted from my original point, Jason hates it when I do that, he is easily confused by my topic switching, oops did it again. So, my point is that my reaction is normal. So, I will continue to pray each night for patience... just imagine if I weren't getting help from above!


Prilla said...

Oh Jamie...I have figured out your problem. You are praying for patience. Don't you know you should NEVER pray for patience. You will only get trials that test your patience even more to help you continue to deal with it and learn patience. You need to pray for things like "Not yelling during homework" or "Colby tolerating new recipes" more specific...you see. :)

We have the same conversation every night with Mikkele about homework. Maybe it's just the whole 4th grade thing. She was working on a group project tonight. Try dealing with more than one 4th grader at a time and all of them looking at you like you're stupid and don't get it. Oh the frustrations.

Amy said...

No. It's not possible. I hate it as well! I am lucky that this year Emma's teacher doesn't give a ton of homework. She had more last year. Laura has homework in Kindergarten as well.

Cristina said...

THANK YOU!! I thought I was the only one. Those homework packets are driving me insane! A few weeks ago I helped Natalie with one of the pages she didn't understand and the whole page was marked wrong! I had to laugh, but Natalie is now convinced I am an idiot and am not qualified to help her. YEP, I hate homework too!!

The Kent Family said...

Very funny. Love the topic changing. I do it all the time. Most of the time Caleb has no idea what I'm talking about. Carter is so sweet. We love you guys! Thanks for the laugh. At least you know people are getting joy out of your struggles!