Sunday, August 9, 2009

Carter's Upcoming Surgery

Carter and I leave for Florida in just about a week. I think we are both getting nervous. This is probably too much info, but my family is notorious for bowel problems. Even in the best of circumstances our bowels are irritable so you can imagine what happens when you throw a good heaping of anxiety into the equation. Well, poor Carter has been blessed with the irritable bowel genes and so we are both struggling right now. The other day he told me that his stomach hurt, but he told me not to worry because is was just his "irritavle vowel". I got a chuckle out of that one!

We have posted a link to Dr. Paley's website for anyone who wants to know more about the upcoming surgery. Once there you can click on Orthopedic Conditions to learn more about CFD. We received an email from Dr. Paley's assistant with the official names of the procedures that will be performed during this surgery. Here is what the email said: periacetabular triple osteotomy right ilium, ischium and pubis, sciatic nerve decompression, hemi-epiphysiodesis of right distal femur and proximal tibia; excision of TFL, lengthening of rectus femoris tendon.

I am now going to attempt to interpret the procedures into everyday language according to what Dr. Paley told us at the appointment. I apologize to anyone familiar with medical terminology! Carter's pelvis will be cut in three places (ilium, ischium, pubis) to correct the hip dysplasia (his hip is not formed correctly). I don't remember what he said about the sciatic nerve- guess I will put that on my list of questions. The bottom of his femur and top of his tibia (near the knee) are getting some type of staple or plate to correct the deformity of his knee. The TFL tendon is being removed because it is too tight, this tendon runs from your hip to your knee (I think). Lastly, another tendon, the rectus femoris, will be lengthened. Dr. Paley did mention that when the TFL tendon is removed he can use it to make a new ACL if he feels Carter does not have a stable knee.

I feel overwhelmed when I think about this surgery. My heart breaks each time Carter is wheeled through the double doors into the operating room. Then there is the waiting. Each hour feels like an eternity. When I can finally get back to see him I want nothing more than to take his pain. There is nothing I can do except lean my cheek next to his and whisper, "Mom is here." I count on support from Jason and my family and friends to keep me strong. Perhaps that is why I feel so scared as I think about the upcoming surgery. I pray that I can be strong without Jason sitting by me in the waiting room, without visits from grandparents, without my sisters coming to sit with Carter so that I can take a shower, without phone calls and meals from ward members. Recently we received a card in the mail from an unknown sender with a message of love and support. There have been many words of comfort and support shared with us, as well as numerous reminders that we are being prayed for. Carter and I will be far from home, but I am comforted knowing that we are in the thoughts and prayers of so many.


Daniel Charles Rigby said...

Good luck with your hip surgery Carter! I hope it goes really well.

My son Daniel (he is nearly 2) is having his first surgery with Dr Paley in October. He has a blog too -

Best Wishes


Melissa said...

Hey Jamie- I just got on your blog and have read all your posts and have laughed and frowned over and over! I just want you to know what a great kid we think Carter is and we feel grateful that Braydon can call him a friend! He is definitely in our prayers- as are you!
Sorry I haven't been a better friend/neighbor, but I am here to say that anything you need, you can always ask of me! I will do better! :) Never hesitate to ask!
Good luck with the surgery and we will keep checking in for updates! Give our love to Carter!
Love, Melissa

Melissa said...


Your post made me cry, but I loved hearing about it all. i enjoyed reading it. You worded things really cute.
Here's an update from the homefront: Porter came home telling me Caitlyn chased him all during recess. Porter said,"It's gotta be my new pants!" LOL :) BTW, Porter is loving school so far- what a relief!
I would love to help with Caitlyn after school if Jason needs. I miss your phone calls for our counseling session!
Miss ya!