Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thank You!

We had an amazing day at the yard sale. Our family is so grateful for the donations, all the helping hands, and everyone who came out to support Carter. We raised more than four times what we were expecting! We are still in shock. Salem is an amazing community. Thank you to everyone who helped! We hope you know how much we love and appreciate you! Here are a few highlights from the day...

SHAUN and EMILY BLACK! Emily was the organizer of the yard sale. She and her husband spent numerous hours on the phone, passing out flyers, picking up donations, scheduling volunteers and keeping everything organized. We cannot thank them enough!

We had an early start in the morning. Thank you to the 9th Ward Elders Quorum who started loading trailers at 5AM. Another thank you to the Relief Society who organized the donations through the early hours.

Everyone was delighted when Frank Leany surprised us with breakfast. Thank you!

Another thank you goes to Sherrie Harris and Carter's primary class who organized a bake sale. Thank you to everyone who baked delicious treats and bread. Thank you to the young women who ran the sale.

In the morning The Brindley Family sold their famous dutch oven cinnamon rolls. They are incredible! If you ever need catering call them! Their number is below. Thank you, that cinnamon roll made my day!

In the afternoon we had a hot dog stand. Thank you to Richard White who slaved over the grill! Thank you to Pepsi and Crisp's for donating lunch items.

Pepsi also donated this scooter to auction off. Thank you!

Thank you to SuperSaver who donated over 30 cards to Carter. These cards are awesome and they can save you over $3000. They're only $25 and you can get them at Crisp's.

Thank you to The Warren Family for bringing a trailer full of peas to sell. They were so yummy!

Thank you to Jenny Limb and the Relief Society for making beautiful quilts to sell.

Mindy Clary donated gift certificates to get your toe nails painted. She does so many cute designs. Only $10! You can schedule appointments with her at (801)362-4969.

There are countless individuals who worked all day at the cash register, organizing items, helping customers, carrying things to cars. We are so grateful for your help!

Thank you to everyone who donated items to sell. There were so many donations! Thank you!

A big thank you goes to the Young Men and Elders who came to help clean up. We would have been there all night without you!

Saving the best for last... A giant THANK YOU to Crisp's Grocery Store! They were so helpful and so giving. This is such a great place to shop. It is clean, organized, has helpful staff and if you live in Salem it's close to home!

My heart is so full with gratitude for everyone who helped on Saturday. Thank you for seeing a need and doing all you could to help. It means so much to know that so many people care about my family. Thank you for your love and support!


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