Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life Long Dream Fulfilled

How many people can say that they have fulfilled one of their life long dreams 
by the time they were fourteen

Well, this cute guy can!

For his fourteenth birthday (it pains me to write that!) he went to the
Thunder Over Utah Air Show

And there he witnessed, fist hand, the flight of the F-22

If you'd like to know more about the F-22 you'll have to check with Colby, but you may want to set a time limit unless your idea of a good time is a never ending tutorial of military aerial warfare. And if by chance you are such a person or know such a person, please send them our way because surly Colby would be over the moon to meet such a kindred spirit!

I feel that I should include some "stats" at this point. I haven't felt such an urge since my children were infants and the most exciting news I had was what percentile they had reached in height and weight. I guess having a child who has exceeded my height and weight has has brought back the novelty of such information. But lets just suffice it to say that his shoe size is 11. Yep, he's growing up on me!

Colby was totally thrilled to attend the Air Show with his dad, it was a special father son outing. We'd learned from a prior birthday trip to Hill Air Force base that when it comes to Colby and military aircraft, it isn't really a family affair. Well, unless a family affair includes you sleeping in the car with your other two children, who only found the exhibit interesting for an hour, while your somewhat obsessed child looks at everything 15 times and then once more to make sure he didn't miss anything. Although I do recall Krispy Kreme doughnuts being in the car... No, not worth it.

I met with Colby's history teacher not long after the Air Show and he said it was all Colby talked about. So I think we can call this one a success! And just to brag, his teacher is pretty awe struck by my son's history knowledge. He said Colby is the only person he's ever met who watches more history channel than he does. Yep, that sounds about right. 

Happy Birthday, Colby!
We love you and your unique abilities and talents. You're such a kind and caring person, especially when it comes to members of your family (like new baby cousin, Fran). 
We are so thankful you are ours.


The Kent Family said...

So Colby has exceeded your weight and height...awesome, but you forgot to mention that he also has FINALLY reached your shoe size as well!!

Tyler and Jess said...

We do love Colby so! And Franny Girl is CRAZY about him! No one can make her smile the way Colby does.