Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, CARTER!

We celebrated Carter's birthday, like a month ago. I NEVER should have blogged about Colby's birthday on the actual date... I really set the bar too high for myself. And that only contributes to Carter's moments of suffering from "middle child syndrome". Oh, yes he does, on occasion, go there with complaints of privileges beholden to Colby and not himself. Wailing about Caitlin's utter lack of responsibility and how her parents allow her to get away with everything save murder are common. And when these moments come, I usually take Carter into my loving arms and saying something inspiring like, "Just remember my boy, you got the short leg, and think of all those surgeries that you alone have had, and nobody else in the family can take that from you!" Then he looks at me with unbelief (and a twitch of his lip that he's trying to hide ) and asks, "What mother would say stuff like that? Seriously?" And by this point we are both rolling in fits of laughter.

But I redeemed myself by writing "Carter the Awesome" on his birthday cake, a title that he frequently uses to describe himself. He's working on humility.

Charismatic and charming - everyone wants to be his friend
Abounding in energy
Risible (at times to a fault and sometimes as his sisters expense)
Tolerant of all people and kind to everyone
Efficacious - probably because of that charisma and charm
Resolute and determined, even when the journey is tough

And for his birthday he got approval from the man himself (Dr. P) to resume normal activities - no more restrictions. I promptly discovered him outside trying to ride two scooter at one time! I screamed at him so loud ("That's not a normal activity for most people!") that I gave my elderly neighbor, tending to his yard, a heart attack. Abounding in energy. No?

Carter still has a hard time bending his knee. He has to ride his bike standing up because he can't peddle fully if he's seated. His walk is a bit awkward since his knee doesn't bend all the way and he can't really run, but don't worry, he'll get there. Resolute. No?


He's up to his usual antics. I sat down on the couch today and noticed that my exquisitely decorated shelves (cept for that empty picture frame) had a new addition.

Risible. No?


Amy said...

Remember, Jamie. Lower the bar. That's our motto.

He looks fantastic!!! I can't believe the picture of him standing straight up. Awesome. I also can't believe he is so without fear--after I broke my foot I swore I would never go skiing, get on a skateboard, anything the least bit dangerous or scary. Do dishes. You know.

Happy Birthday!

Elie said...

I found your blog randomly. You don't know me, but i started reading your blog and a story of a brave boy impressed me so much. I could not stop reading. I am very happy of all the progress Carter has now. This is truly amazing. I wish him happy belated birthday! Most of the times he is smiling on the pictures, but i can sense how much pain he had to endure at the times when the camera was not around. You are an amazing family. I wish you all the best in life, you deserve it! Go Carter! Best, Elie