Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Coming for a Lengthening, Don't Bring:

Shoe lift in the garbage means one less thing to pack!

1. Your good jeans and heels with the hope that you just might get dressed up one time while your are in WPB and go out somewhere nice. You won't.

2. Jewelry and accessories. But do bring a baseball cap or two, because a hat is just about as "accessorized" as you're going to get.

3. A gob of boxed cereal, even if you always buy your cereal during really good sales and only pay a dollar a box. Trust me, it's not worth hauling it here. And, believe it or not, you can get good deals on cereal in Florida, too.

4. Ditto for peanut butter.

5. The majority of your DVD collection. Get a library card, they have a whole floor dedicated to media. (And this is really important, they have the whole first season of Glee which is really exciting if you've never seen any of the episodes, but you have fond memories of being a Choir Geek in H.S.)

6. A bunch of books, even if you really like to read and you make your kids read for at least 30 minutes each day. Get a library card, they have books there.

7. All your kid's clothing if they are having a lengthening, they won't be able to wear any of it. Have you seen a fixator? You're going to end up buying athletic shorts and snaps from Walmart that you have to attach by "hammering" them on with a rock. Welcome to the: snap pant.

8. All three of your children's scooter and roller blades. Good chance that the kiddo having the lengthening won't be able to use these items and so the likelihood of anyone else in the family using them is pretty much zilch. (Although they may get used around the house by visiting little cousins who run over your toes)

9. Your drying rack. Even if you are fanatical about hang drying your clothing. The darn thing is really just too awkward to travel with.

10. Your workout clothes. Actually, do bring them, but don't feel guilty if you don't use them. And don't worry if you gain 10 pounds during your stay because it's new fat and it will be sooooooo easy to lose once you get home and get back into your normal routine (or so I tell myself).

* Tomorrow is travel day... so I'm just going to post some really gross pictures of Carter's pin site that is really gross (get it, it's gross) and had to be cauterized and during pin care it is really, you guess it, gross! I know you're on pins and needles and I hope you can handle the suspense until tomorrow.


The Kent Family said...

Sorry about the toes, but my girls sure loved those scooters!

Gracie said...

Hey Carter! How was Florida? Ok, look this is Gracie Breeze! I'm putting a comment on your blog! So my blog is
ok. so check out my blog sometime! Hope you with good health! Oh, and you WILL LOVE Mr. Stutz! (Ok, not like the love type of love. He is just an AWESOME teacher though!