Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You!

The other day I told my dad that we'd "hit a wall"... we've been here over a month and sometimes the days really drag on and on and on. Homesickness had us all down in the dumps and although there is much to love about our temporary abode, sometimes there is just no place like home! Wouldn't ya know it, we received cards and letters and goodies galore that very day. Really!

So thank you..

Primary friends & Scout Troop & Cousins & Adopted Grandparents & Sweet, sweet friends! You brightened our day and your love will see us through to the end.

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Cristina said...

That reminds me.....I have a package ready to send!! Natalie was wondering the other day if Caitlin, or should I say Catie would write her back soon. Maybe if I ever send them their package I said...needless to say she was very unhappy with me!!!