Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here's a look at our Thanksgiving through the eyes of Caitlin who took most of the photographs:

Documentation of our location

After dinner.... socializing and digesting. Sorry, there aren't any pictures of the actual meal, my camera was in my purse and I didn't want to loose my place in line... I'm no fool!

Pretty sure this is what Caitlin was thinking when she came across this situation, "Huh, a cousin stuck in a stool, should I tell someone or take a picture?" Guess you know what she decided to do.

Kassie and ....... have I mentioned that Jason's brother has triplets?

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without horsing around with the cousins (and a grown up, whom I will allow to stay anonymous).

Caitlin obliged me ONE photograph

More sitting, talking, and digesting after round two of Thanksgiving (aka: the leftovers).

I took the photo of the thrashed basement for Jason's parents in Africa. I just wanted them to have the FULL effect! (or is it affect???)

The Browns know how to DO PIE!


yes, I went to Zumba the next morning


KGB said...

I am thankful for Jamie's blog. I loved your pictures Caitlin--you captured what I wanted to see--everyone visiting and digesting. We had a good Thanksgiving meal but NO leftovers, and only four pie choices. We heard the Thanksgiving commotion on Skype but liked the hall and basement photos. The chaos didn't surprise me--I just wondered who was on clean-up detail. Thanks again--Love you all, Mother Brown

B&L Belnap said...

Fun pictures for a fun weekend. Just wanted to let mom know that we did help Kassie and Arti clean up. Thanks for the pictures Caitlin and Jamie