Friday, November 20, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

If you read my post from a bit earlier, you know about my grumpy, chemically imbalanced outlook on life today. But I have to tell you, while reading a friend's blog I came across this video and it changed my outlook. (I just love blogging, all my friends have such uplifting posts!) Wow, I cried, smiled and just felt good after watching this video.

Have I ever mentioned that I have an intense personality? I try to "belax" (as toddler Colby used to say) but I'm not much good at it. Today my husband told me that I would no doubt be successful at whatever I attempt in life because of my intensity. However, he also reminded me that it can be detrimental when I forget to do the basics like eat, sleep and breath!

I had a reality check after watching this inspiring story. We all have our challenges, goodness knows I do! But, it truly is an attitude of gratitude that can see us through ANYTHING!


Our little family said...

I saw a book at Seagull book last week that was titled something along the lines of "How to Keep Your Strengths from Becoming Detriments." That's how I am too. A little too intense when I decide to focus on something. Hard work is good, obsession, not so much!

Cristina said...

I saw that story on TV a while back, it made me cry too! It is hard to have a great attitude every day, everyone needs a grumpy day here and there, so don't be too hard on yourself! Oh, by the way I stopped by the rec office to sign up for Zumba and found out it is at 6:30 in the morning, not at night. DUH! I thought it was at night. Danny leaves for work at 6 a.m. so I guess I'm back to working out to a DVD in my livingroom! Dang-I was excited too, I thought it would be a great stress-reliever!

Jamie said...

Oh, shoot! Sorry about the confusion. Wish it would have worked out for you.

Ace said...


Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story. I was moved to tears and tremendously inspired by this young man and his "can-do" attitude. What an amazing family. His Dad seems like one heck of a guy huh?

It just really goes to show that with your attitude in the right place, you really can accomplish anything.

Loved this.